Sculptures. Mosaics. Branding. Custom LEGO and Mega Blok pieces that make a statement.

I specialize in a bold, pop culture style of LEGO and Mega Blok brick building. I look to create pieces that are fun, colorful and one of a kind. I am always working on new and exciting builds whatever the subject may be and am thrilled to show my work. Contact me today to arrange an exhibition.

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My Process



Have an idea? Lets start there and see whats possible. There are creative and fun LEGO and Mega Blok solutions for all budgets.


Once an idea, budget and schedule is set for the piece, colors, size and other details are confirmed.


Now the fun part! Your idea comes to life as I build your custom LEGO or Mega Blok piece. Updates provided along the way.


Once your piece is completed, its is carefully packed and shipping is arranged for your delivery.

My Portfolio

Here are some samples of the LEGO and Mega Blok sculptures, mosaics and MOC designs that I have created.



March 2018 - Present

LEGO Exhibition | First City Project

Ongoing exhibition of several of my LEGO pieces along with the amazing graffiti art at First City Project. View Photos

2015 - Present

LEGO Exhibit | Heckscher Museum of Art

Ongoing exhibition of my 25"x40" LEGO minifigure scale version of the museum at the Heckscher Museum of Art in New York. In the area? Stop by to see it in person. View Photos

July 2017

LEGO Workshop | Heckscher Museum of Art

Took part in the 97th anniversary celebration at the Heckscher Museum of Art in New York. I organized a LEGO workshop including a 50 set build of a custom designed Micro Heckscher Museum of Art designed by myself. Over 300 people attended. View Photos

Dec 2016 - Feb 2017

LEGO Exhibit | Morris Museum

A number of my LEGO and Mega Blok pieces were displayed as part of the "Engineering Brick Art" exhibit at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey. View Photos

Sept 2015 - Oct 2015

LEGO Display | Philadelphia Flyers

Built, delviered and displayed a large scale custom LEGO piece of the iconic Philadelphia Flyers logo at various events to kick off the season. Fans were able to pose with the piece holding custom designed LEGO hockey sticks and pucks.View Photos

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About Myself

David Haliski

In 2008 I rediscovered a passion for vibrantly colored plastic pieces that occupied so much of my time as a child. I decided to combine this passion with fine arts to create unique works of art. My direction is to further deconstruct contemporary, popular culture through the medium itself, LEGO.

I am also an Art Director/Designer who has extensive print, web and interactive design experience for a variety of Fortune 500 companies including Pfizer, Disney, Sony, Bayer and others such as Estee Lauder and ETrade. I have experience in the Pharmaceutical, Fashion, Tech and Social Media spaces and always open to new and exciting opportunities. My professional design portfolio and more can be viewed at and current professional profile can be viewed on LinkedIn.

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  • Haliski monumentalizes commercial icons of popular culture...Though tinged with irony, his works promote a positive message.


    —USA Today

  • There's just something wondrous about seeing something you totally take for granted rendered in bricks.



  • When I opened the package I laughed from the joy of it. Honestly s/he’s one of the sweetest things. Especially love the tongue hanging out.


    —Zenovia (LEGO Labrador)

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    David Haliski
    Designer - Art Director - LEGO Artist - Photo Enthusiast

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