"Life is much more than what's in the instruction manual"


Custom LEGO pieces are a great way to attract people of any age. I specialize in a bold, pop culture style of LEGO building. My LEGO pieces are fun, colorful and truly unique. I am always looking for new and exciting LEGO builds, whatever the subject may be. Below are a few of the LEGO areas that may be of interest.


Unique three dimensional LEGO works of art to enhance your space.


Dramatic LEGO pieces great for any area, big or small.


A one of a kind fun LEGO marketing idea for your company logo.

"View these pieces as a guide to what is possible with just a few bricks."


View a sampling of my LEGO work below. Hope you're hungry. :)

Big Mac Meal

Almost good enough to eat! I created this LEGO Big Mac Meal piece a while back when I was feeling a bit too hungry. Cant you just smell the french fries?


Here is my latest piece to support the people trying to kick the habit. Luckily my LEGO addiction has no health side effects and neither does my new packs of LEGO smokes.

Campbells Soup

One of my earliest and favorite LEGO pieces as a tribute to one of my favorite pop artists. This is my largest piece to date at 30"x40". Although that will soon be surpassed by the 48"x48" Spam with over 23000 bricks.

Heckscher Museum of Art

Like browsing art? Why not stop by the LEGO Heckscher Museum of Art. This piece is 25x40 and houses great LEGO works of art. A populat spot for many Minifigures.


Time to get out the LEGO t-shirts which only get clean with LEGO detergent of course. This Tide piece is 20" wide by 15" high and 10" deep which is a bit larger than an average box.

Marilyn - Pink

This work from 2008 was one of my first pieces. This pink Marilyn LEGO mosaic is 20"x20" and was 2 in a series of 3. The other colors were blue and orange. Sold.

NYC Brownstone (Modular)

A classic LEGO NYC brownstone. The models three floors each separate for easy play and the ground level cafe floor can be swapped out for a traditional brownstone design. Interiors to come.

Purple Orchid

Sometimes my favorite pieces come from commissions. This colorful piece was created for a customers mentor who is an avid a LEGO and orchid lover. Such a fun piece.

Pepsi Can

Thirsty? Try my LEGO® Pepsi. This LEGO® Pepsi should quench your thirst! You better be very thirsty though, this Pepsi measures over a foot tall.

Apple, Banana & Core (2008)

Feel like a snack, how about some fresh LEGO fruit. This piece is an apple, banana and apple core. Larger than actual size this will be sure to fill you up.

Candlestick Phone

My LEGO antique candlestick phone piece created for an interactive workshop at the Heckscher Museum of Art.

No Signal

A LEGO® based commentary on the importance of the interruption of technology consumption that should be a part of all of our lives. Measures 30" x 30"

Soup (2012)

Nothing like a hot bowl of LEGO soup. This was created as a spinoff of my LEGO Cambell Soup can design. I intend to build a supermarket type display of stacked LEGO soup cans.

Super Size Fries

I wanted to explore if and what could be possible using a product marketed towards our youngest youth. This piece is created solely with Mega Bloks geared towards 1-5 year olds. This piece is 24"D x 48"W x 48"H.

Coke (2013)

A custom LEGO piece of the iconic Coca Cola bottle thats almost two feet tall!

Hershey Bar (2013)

Sweet LEGO chocolate. The iconic Hershey logo type and black wrapper made for an ideal subject matter, the chocolate just about looks like it could melt.

Marilyn - Blue (2008

This work from 2008 was one of my first pieces. This blue Marilyn LEGO mosaic is 20"x20" and was 1 in a series of 3. The other colors were pink and orange. Sold.

Dunkin Donuts (2010)

Saturday mornings have not begun without the LEGO coffee and a couple of donuts. These are actual size Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts. There are also a couple of sugar packets if needed.


This custom LEGO Flyers logo was created to promote the start of 2015/2016 Flyers season. The large scale piece contains 14,449 bricks and is 36" high by 55" wide.

Instagram Icon (2012)

This icon was created as part of a series of social media icons for use as my profile photo for the various networks. Be sure to follow theworldinbricks today!

Lamp (2011)

I had to prepare for the 2011 hurricane so I created this battery powered LEGO lamp to help us through the power outage. Made of a solid black brick base and transparent red top to provide a radiant glow.

Dig Dug Heros

A custom LEGO representation of the classic Dig Dug characters. Part of a series of retro video game characters.

Heckscher Museum of Art (Micro)

Because micro Minifigures need art too... I created the mini Heckscher Museum of Art. Open summer 2014.

Egg (2008)

What better image for March than an egg. This LEGO egg sculpture was completed in 2008 and is around 10" high. Instead of a solid egg, I wanted some feeling of motion with the broken yolk leaking out onto the surface.


A LEGO® exploration in depth utilizing a repeating shape.

Dream (2010)

This piece was a commission for a client who requested to somehow incorporate the word "dream" into a model. After a few creative direction proposals it was set on this final treatment.

Labradors (2015)

These LEGO MOCs were inspired by my own yellow lab Kayla. These fun pups will be by your side at work, home or on the go.

Brownie Camera

This antique LEGO brownie camera was created to display as part of The Heckscher Museum of Arts 95th anniversary celebration. I designed and created a few objects that existed when the museum first opened in the 1920s.

Legend of Zelda Heroes (2013)

Start your own LEGO quest to complete the Triforce! Help me make this a real LEGO set, support it now.

Gold Rush

An alternate build using bricks from the LEGO Mountain Hut and Thunder Wings sets. This gold mine build had a sloping mine entrance that allowed motion, working interior lights in the mine and kitchen stove, and spinning water wheel.

"Just when you thought it was perfect...You find another brick."


In 2008 I rediscovered a passion for vibrantly colored plastic pieces that occupied so much of my time as a child. I decided to combine this passion with fine arts to create unique works of art. My direction is to further deconstruct contemporary, popular culture through the medium itself, LEGO. The pure, consistent color allows for a uniform and bold graphic style translating perfectly from my background in the graphic design and multimedia arts field. Find out more below.

David Haliski


Designer, LEGO Artist and creator of The World in Bricks. Also enjoys travel & photgraphy.



Junior is my 19" LEGO Minifigure. Schedule a meeting today and maybe you'll get to meet him.



My Yellow Labrador and minifigs best friend. She loves to chew on bricks when I'm not looking.

"You can truly not have enough bricks."



Heckscher Museum of Art (Huntington, NY)
Took part in the 97th anniversary celebration at the Heckscher Museum of Art in New York. I organized a LEGO workshop including a 50 set build of a custom designed Micro Heckscher Museum of Art designed by myself. Over 300 people attended the 2 hour event, with young builders and their parents equally having a great time. It was really rewawrding to see the positive response from the young creative minds, their stories about what they had created, and the feedback from the parents who were so appreciative of the event. Don't worry if you missed out, the museum intends to have these sets available going forward so you can take one home for yourself.

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Morris Museum (Morristown, NJ)
A number of my LEGO and Mega Blok pieces will be displayed during the "Engineering Brick Art" exhibit at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey. December 17th - February 26th.

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Heckscher Museum of Art (Huntington, NY)
Ongoing exhibition of my 25"x40" LEGO minifigure scale version of the museum at the Heckscher Museum of Art in New York. In the area? Stop by to see it in person.

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Heckscher Museum of Art (Huntington, NY)
Exhibited various pieces as part of the 95th anniversary celebration at the Heckscher Museum of Art in New York. This included my 25"x40" LEGO minifigure scale version of the museum. I also organized a LEGO workshop including a build of a special object from 95 years ago when the museum first opened. Over 250 people were in attendence.

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Morris Museum (Morristown, NJ)
A number of my LEGO pieces were displayed during the "Brick by Brick" LEGO exhibit at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersy. Other great LEGO artists participating include Mike Doyle, Blake Foster, and Jonathan Lopes.

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Grand Rapids Public Museum (Grand Rapids, MI)
My LEGO Tide box was displayed as a finalist out of over 120 entries in the Meijer "Dream it, Build it" contest at Grand Rapids Public Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Heckscher Museum of Art (Huntington, NY)
Solo exhibition of my LEGO pieces as part of the "Creative Art of LEGO" exhibition at the Heckscher Museum of Art in New York. I also organized a LEGO workshop which allowed participants to work with me on my latest LEGO piece. The workshop also included a large LEGO building area and I also organized a "Guess How Many Bricks" contest and LEGO creation photo submission.

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Columbus Museum of Art (Columbus, OH)
Think Outside the Brick Design Challenge

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Columbus Museum of Art (Columbus, OH)
Think Outside the Brick Exhibition

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Contact me below with your LEGO request and I'll be sure to get back to you soon. Happy building!

When planning your custom LEGO piece be sure to schedule 8-12 weeks for conception to completion (large scale pieces may require more time). Contact me as early in your planning process as possible as this keeps costs down for everyone! Need it sooner? Small scale and or company logo LEGO pieces are possible in tighter deadlines and are decided upon on a case by case basis.

Contact me now at info@theworldinbricks.com.